The Indian Public School – Seetha Circle Campus

TIPS Kindercare – Seetha Circle is located at Srinivasnagar, Banashankari. Explore the carefully crafted programs designed to meet the unique needs of each age group. From our play-based curriculum to hands-on activities, find out how we blend fun and learning to set the stage for a lifetime of academic success.

Discover the magic of our carefully crafted curriculum, tailored to meet the diverse needs of preschoolers. Rooted in a play-based approach, our curriculum blends educational fundamentals with hands-on activities, ensuring that learning is not only effective but also fun! From language development to mathematical exploration, we aim to lay a strong foundation for future academic success.

Programs Offered:

Toddler (1.6 yrs – 2.6yrs)*

  • Settling to school routine
  • Learning to be independent
  • Basics of Life skills
  • Communication & Socializing

Nursery (2.6yrs – 3.6yrs)*

  • Focus on enjoying school
  • Thematic learning
  • Intro to Phonics and numbers
  • Developing skills through Fun activities

Pre Primary-1 (3.6yrs – 4.6yrs)*

  • Focus on Language, Fun Math and World around
  • Letter sounds,blending and decoding through phonics
  • Intro to Math Concepts through activities and,manipulatives
  • Understanding Science & Social science through language
  • Basics of second language (Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada /Hindi)

Pre-Primary-2 (4.6yrs – 5.6yrs)*

  • Focus on English, Structured math, World around,Second language,
  • Reading and writing using phonics– Blends, Digraphs, Long Vowels
  • Basic math concepts and operations through activities,manipulatives
  • Continue Second language instruction(Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada /Hindi)
  • Understanding Science & Social science through language

Co-Curricular Activities:

Performing Arts sessions – Music and Dance

Physical Education sessions

Art and Craft sessions

Paint World


Story telling & Drama

Field Trips

Creative Play

Cambridge Early Years:

The Cambridge Early Years curriculum follows a holistic approach that focuses on the whole child and connects their development with the world and people around them.

It is built around four key areas of early childhood development:

  • Develops knowledge, understanding and skills through a spiral approach, by revisiting and engaging with topics and skills in more depth at each stage.

  • Helps learners to meet internationally established milestones for early development. Although children develop at different rates, the curriculum provides a structure for teaching and learning that will help you to monitor and support each child’s progress.

  • Supports a bilingual or multilingual approach for learners with a home language other than English, as well as those with different experiences of English prepares learners to easily transition into Cambridge Primary, or the next stage in their education.

  • Content is split into six curriculum areas to guide you and support progress.

Why choose Cambridge Early Years:

Seetha Circle Campus


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