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Welcome to TIPS Kindercare

Early childhood education is full of surprises, and the right environment will give your child the support they need to face everything that comes their way.TIPS Kindercare is that space in your child’s journey where we create an environment for them to play, learn and grow together !!

TIPS Kindercare is all about embracing the charm of early years education and understanding the fact that kids feel emotions differently that makes kindergarten a magical learning zone. At TIPS Kindercare kids playfully create stories, castles, and paintings with one another, they develop and refine their abilities to think creatively and work collaboratively, precisely the abilities most needed to be a global citizen in the future.The first step towards this starts as early as 1.5 years with us at TIPS Kindercare.

Happy Parents

The trackfest at TIPS Kindercare Chennai was well organised and very well executed kudos to the entire team.

Child Name : Rudeved

Mr. Sivakumaran NS

Osian Chlorphyll, Chennai

The Kindercare sports fest at Chennai well organised event ..kudos to TIPS

Child Name : PA Thananya (PREKG)

Mr. Paulraj K

Metrozone, Chennai

Thank you. The track fest event was wonderful

Child Name : Krishika (LKG)

Mr. Mahendran Krishnaswamy

Osian Chlorophyll, Chennai

We appreciate your team encouraging each individual kid to do their best irrespective of their ability to deliver it on the sports fest.We consider ourself fortunate to have our ward with you people.Thanks once again. Please share our thanks to all the teachers.

Child name: Aarudhran (LKG)

Mr. Yohachandran

Osian Chlorophyll, Chennai
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